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Instead of text only journals that are read only by the professor, our journals will be posted online. The online format allows journals that include links, graphics, and other content suitable for the web. All students are expected to review the journals of their classmates. Journal format is discussed in the course outline. Journals should include a minimum of two submission per week. At the end of the course your journal should document the evolution of your thoughts about the "Nature of Crime" as we move through readings and other course experiences. Journals should refer to readings (in text and elsewhere), internet content, events in the news, and anything else you feel is relevant and/or interesting.

There are several options for building your journal, which is also known as a web log or blog. In past classes we used an advertiser supported service for these journals. This free service provides the features needed for class, although we have to put up with advertisements. Here is the information for this blog and hosting provider:

  1. Go to http://easyjournal.com/ to set up your class journal.
  2. Follow instructions at easyjournal to set up your free page.
  3. Under journal settings select "Anybody" and be sure your journal is "Listed."
  4. E-mail your easyjournal address to Dr. Mentor at mentor@nmsu.edu as soon as your account has been established.

Another option can be found at http://www.blogger.com. This service is easy to set up and the look of the blog is more customizable that easyjournal.com. There are many other options. http://blogspot.com is a blog host. They may provide links to blogging programs that will work with their service.

Some services provide blogging software and will host your blog once it is published. Other services only do the blog - they do not host your blog but will provide links to hosts you may want to consider. All of this should be free. If not, look elsewhere. The choice is up too you - just be sure that your blog is publicly available and allows comments to be made to you, as the blog publisher.

Send your blog address to Dr. Mentor as soon as your account is established. Links to all student blogs will be posted on this page.

Links to student accounts:


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