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Law and Social Control - Blogs

Instead of text only journals that are read only by the professor, our journals will be posted online. The online format allows journals that include links, graphics, and other content suitable for the web. All students are expected to review the journals of their classmates.

Students should plan to complete a "blog" at the end of each module (5 total). At the end of the course, completed journals should document your thoughts about "Law and Social Control." The best journals demonstrate an evolution of thought as we move through readings and other course experiences. Journals should refer to readings (in text and elsewhere), internet content, events in the news, and other relevant issues.

Blogs are expected to follow a specific format. The total amount of writing should be 4 to 6 pages for each blog. After you complete the assigned readings, sit back and think about what it all meant. Remember to consider ideas raised in class discussion and the web sites included in each module. Once you have an idea of what you want to say, start typing your entry, much of it off the top of your head. Whatever comes to mind. It is probably best to do this in Word or another word processor and cut-and-paste into your blog. While I expect a certain amount of organization, the journals are not expected to be "term paper quality."

Module related blogs should contain three separate parts:

bullet First, provide specific comments on readings. Label this section "Reading Content." Provide enough information to demonstrate that you did the required readings, but you should not write more than 2 pages for this section.
bullet The second section should discuss relevant web content. You will be expected to visit a variety of internet sites. These sites may be contained within the module outline or you can locate them through various web search techniques. This section should be between 1 and 2 pages. This is the "Internet Content" section.
bullet The third section should include a 1 to 2 page summary in which you integrate the readings, class discussion, web sites, current events, other classes, and any other experiences. This should be labeled the "So What?" section.

My grading criteria is fairly simple. While reading the module related blogs I ask three questions:

1. Did you do the reading?

2. Did you think about the issues raised in the reading and internet content?

3. Did you integrate various issues. In other words, are you applying the concepts to a range of contexts?

Although you have several options, you may be using an advertiser supported service for these journals. These free services provide the features we need for the class, although we have to put up with advertisements. We are using something called "web logs" or "blogs" for our journals. Click the "Journals" link above for instructions. The "Journals" page will eventually include links to the online journal of each student in the class.

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