CJ 521 - Law and Social Control

Kenneth Mentor J.D., Ph.D.
144 Breland
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Course Structure

This is a web-based course. As a summer course students will include campus students and those enrolled in the distance degree program. We will rely on this online course outline, e-mail, and other web-based tools to complete this course.

Throughout this course our focus will be on the analysis of several issues. Please think about these issues as you move through your assignments:

What is Law?

What is the role of norms and customs?

How do we study law?

How does law function in various social institutions?

How Does Law Function (or dysfunction)?

Does law lead to justice?

Is law a codification of morality?

Does law lead to social change?

Can law assure equality?

Lawyers - Snakes or Saints?

Is there too much law?

How and Why is Law Created?

Are some acts and behaviors inherently "bad?"

Are laws simply a result of rational decisions?

Is law a tool to control and oppress?

How do social status, gender, race, and other factors interact with law?

Does law legitimate certain social structures?

Course Outline and Schedule

Click on the "Course Outline," "Calendar," and "Journals" buttons to review the expectations for this class. Assignments and due dates are listed in the calendar page. Be sure you review the entire Outline and Calendar within the first few days of the semester.

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