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Law and Social Control - Journals

Students should plan to complete a "journal entry" at the end of each week (5 total). At the end of the course, the sum of these journal entries should document your thoughts about "Law and Social Control." There are six grades for the journals, one for each entry and a final grade for the journal as a whole. The best journals demonstrate an evolution of thought as we move through readings and other course experiences. Journals should refer to readings (in text and elsewhere), internet content, events in the news, and other relevant issues.

Journals are expected to follow a specific format. The total amount of writing should be 6 to 8 double spaced pages for each entry. After you complete the assigned readings, sit back and think about what it all meant. Remember to consider ideas raised in class discussion and in the news. Once you have an idea of what you want to say, start typing your entry, much of it off the top of your head. Whatever comes to mind. While I expect a certain amount of organization, and attention to spelling and grammar, the journals are not expected to be "term paper quality."

Weekly journals should contain two separate, and labeled, parts:

bullet First, provide specific comments on readings. Label this section "Reading Content." Provide enough information to demonstrate that you did the required readings, but you should not write more than 4 - 5 pages for this section.
bullet The second section should include a 2 - 3 page summary in which you integrate the readings, class discussion, web sites, current events, other classes, and any other experiences. This should be labeled the "So What?" section.

My grading criteria is fairly simple. While reading the journals I ask three questions:

1. Did you do the reading?

2. Did you think about the issues raised in the reading and other experiences?

3. Did you integrate various issues. In other words, are you applying the concepts to a range of contexts?

Journals should be e-mailed to mentor@nmsu.edu on or before the due date. If you are not using Microsoft Word please save each entry as an .rtf file before sending. Remember to use the subject line of the e-mail to tell me that this is a CJ 521 journal. Use the body of the e-mail to tell me which journal is being submitted.

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