CJ 532 - Civil Liberties

Kenneth Mentor J.D., Ph.D.
144 Breland
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Course Structure

This web-based course is available to students enrolled in the NMSU Master's of Criminal Justice distance program. Since this is a summer course, the current class is also available to "on campus" students. In contrast to many of our distance courses, this course does not use WebCT. All materials for this class are found, or linked to, this course outline. Written assignments are mailed to Dr. Mentor at the address above.

This course combines traditional reading and writing with nontraditional methods of learning. Throughout this course students are expected to critically analyze a range of issues related to civil liberties in the United States. As criminal justice scholars, our focus will be on several issues. Please think about these issues as we move through the assignments:

What are Civil Liberties?

Can all of our "rights" be defined as "civil liberties?"

Where do we get these liberties?

Do all Americans have the same rights?

Do all residents of the United States have the same rights?

What is the scope of Civil Liberties?

What rights do we have regarding communication?

How do civil liberties effect issues related to religion?

How do we get freedom AND social control?

Can "civil liberties" assure equal rights for all?

How do we gain and lose Civil Liberties?

Do we get liberties through legislation?

What is the role of the Courts?

What is the role of the Executive Branch?

In what contexts are liberties restricted?

What justifications are offered and/or required before rights may be limited?

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