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Civil Liberties - Course Calendar

Since this is a summer course, we will be completing our work in just a few weeks. However, this is a three credit graduate course and the workload is equivalent to what can be expected in a typical 15 week course. One of the secrets to all classes is to keep up with your work and not allow yourself to fall behind. This is even more important in a summer course.

The calendar below describes reading requirements for each week. Assignments, and required due dates, are also included for each week. Due dates are strictly observed and points are lost for late assignments.

Week 1 - July 2-5

  • TEXT -Purchase text and get acquainted with course requirements and each other.
  • JOURNAL - Set up your easyjournal page. Instructions are found on the Journals page.
  • FORUM - Sign up for your message board account at http://cjstudents.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi. Once this is completed, send a message to the class to introduce yourself.
  • E-MAIL -Using the e-mail program you will use throughout this class, send a message to Dr. Mentor at mentor@nmsu.edu. Use this message to offer suggestions for web site topics. Click the Web Pages link for more information.

Week 2 - July 6-12

Week 3 - July 13-19

Week 4 - July 20-26

Week 5 - July 27-August 2

  • Read Chapters 5 and 6
  • Web Site due August 1
  • Journals

Week 6 - August 3-8



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